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Want to Make Amazon Affiliate Sales?

I have made no secret of the fact that Amazon accounts for a pretty significant chunk of my earnings as an affiliate marketer. I have had one blog post generate over $2000.00 in a single month when that post went viral. During the ‘Back to School’ season I can easily rake in an extra $1000 or more from one or two posts on my blogs about school supplies. I have the same success during Christmas as well, in regards to green Christmas gifts. Even during non-seasonal times I make a very nice amount each and every month from Amazon… enough usually for my rent and all my utilities.

I never had a guide to help me make Amazon sales, I just learned via trial and error. The first two quarters I was promoting Amazon products I earned whopping 7 dollars and some change. I also used the same tracking IDs on all my sites so when I did start making sales… I had no idea where they were coming from. But nowadays, newbies to Amazon don’t have to take a shot in the dark. They can get step by step instructions for Amazon success.

One of my two favorite guides is Info Product Killer. In my review I mention two ways I implemented the ideas found in this book and I shared the results with exact dollar amounts. I followed up the next year with this post. The pages, sites, and Squidoo lenses I made using IPK strategies are STILL making money so that is a great testimony for how well it works.

My second fave Amazon sales resource is new but oh so very valuable. It is called Amazonian Profit Plan and it was created by two Aussie affiliate marketing women who started a small network of niche affiliate sites together and they are now making over $10,000 a month from Amazon. The book outlines how to craft Amazon product reviews that will sell and then how to drive traffic to those pages. The key to their success seems to be the criteria they use to select the products, the way they craft the reviews to make them valuable to the reader, and the formula they use to drive traffic to those reviews. I realize my Amazon success has been very much a fly by night operation so it fascinates me when people create success with methodical, calculated formulas.

This book teaches you:

  • How to choose the right Amazon products
  • How to determine what keywords and keyword phrases you should target
  • How to spy on your current competition and beat them on the SERPs (search engine results page)
  • How to drive traffic to your reviews and get inbound links

Once you use the formula and start seeing traffic and sales you rinse and repeat with new products (the book suggests only 5 at a time). I REALLY like this formula because it is actionable and broken down into easy to follow steps. I have no doubt that anyone who took this much time to create such an action plan DID in fact see amazing results.

Both IPK and Amazonian Profit Plan are wonderful products and methods. I doubt I will follow either exactly as described but I take the most valuable tips and insights and put them into place when I have the time. I say this only because my fly by night method leaves me with loads of free time and almost nothing on my “To Do” list… which is highly valuable to me… but $10,000 a month from Amazon??? Hmm… I might have to rethink that one!


  1. Hi Tiffany! I’ve never had much luck with Amazon but I do not do it consistently and should really look at creating a system. Thanks for the motivation.
    Sommer recently posted..Eco-Friendly School Lunch

  2. I’m always looking for ways to improve my Amazon sales. Right now it’s regular but just gas money. Thanks for the info!
    Clara recently posted..How to Host a Teleseminar PLR Report

  3. Anthony says:

    Hello…I ran across your twitter page and was reading and wondering if you had any advise for me concerning Affiliate Marketing. I just started last week and would like to hear from someone that has been doing this for quite sometime and give a rookie some advise. My website, posting, how to what not to do. I really want to be successful at this.

    Thanks and I hope you have more success……….

  4. Not For Pink Hats says:

    I stumbled to this site from another and wanted to tell you how impressed I was. Very helpful and so much I could learn. Thanks for helping out others.

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