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Where to Eat While at Blogher 12

Delicious Food at Ethos Gallery 51 in New York City!

I am very excited to be attending the BlogHer 12 conference this August 1-5th in New York City. I am actually coming in to the city a bit early just so I can spend more time in the Big Apple. I also hope to meet up with bloggy friends for meals while I am there and eat at some popular eateries. There will be catered food at the actual conference and at the parties but you can’t go to New York without eating the food!!

A super duper way to keep it cheap and affordable is to use Restaurant.com. In fact this is a great travel tip in general. They offer discounted gift certificates (ie $10 for $25 worth of food). It can be easy to spend a lot in these places and this can cut the cost in half, literally. You have to be careful to read the terms, like dinner only, must meet a minimum amount spent, certain days only, or must order at least two entrees but even with restrictions you save money. Find the discount that works for you.

If you search for zip code “10019” you will find dozens of restaurants within a 2-3 minute walk of the conference hotel.

La Barrique
City Lobster & Steak
Ethos Gallery 51
Mamajuana Cafe

If you are going to make dinner plans and get together with bloggy friends plan ahead and save money!