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Resource Lists

This is day 8 of the blogging challenge. The mission for today is:

Day 8. Craft a great resource-list. Resource lists are very popular with social media and can be quite easy to make, particularly if you already have the resources on hand. Pick a topic your target audience is keenly interested in and create a list of resources relating to that topic. You can use your own bookmarks if you have enough. If you’re short on links, a search for your topic will return hundreds if useful links people have saved using your chosen topic as a keyword.

Woot! Another one bites the dust. Some of most popular blog posts are actually resource lists although I never thought of them in those terms before. Not only do I get awesome comments on these posts but I get more backlinks too….TONS of backlinks. Oh and sales….let’s not forget those. My resource pages get daily sales.

They were a lot of work to put together but so worth it. Here are some examples of my resources pages:

Eco Friendly Birthday Party

Eco Friendly School Supplies

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  1. I will be starting the blogging challenge in March. You have some great resources. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Nell Taliercio says:

    I have a business tool resource list and business learning resource list…I need to do the popular blog posts thing, though.

    Nell Taliercio’s last blog post..I’m in my new digs.

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