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Make Your Own Affiliate Banners

I do a lot of affiliate promotion and one of my biggest pet peeves is joining an affiliate program with poor affiliate graphics or none at all. I mean if you want me to promote your product give me something to work with folks!

To get around a lack of quality promotion materials or the fact that I am using an indirect affiliate service like Amazon I have started to use my own affiliate banners.  They look good and they are unique to me so my visitors know I REALLY DO like these products. Here are some examples I just started using last month.




  1. I am interested .Can you recommend what I should do to make affialite banners

  2. Rajinder Singh says:

    me looking to make a affliate banner for my site please tell how to proceed

  3. Hi there!
    Love the website! Hmm..
    is there a tutorial as to how you created these banners? That will be lovely for your readers and I :)

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