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Secret Affiliate Code Review

I recently had a chance to review The Secret Affiliate Code. It is an info product (ebook, videos, audio) all about getting ahead as an affiliate marketer. Aka making money promoting other people’s products.

This is my absolute favorite way to make money online. I have owned my own company in the past…three companies actually. One sold physical products (my own and wholesale) and the other two were service businesses. ALL were successful but I wasn’t happy long term. I found something I truly love in affiliate marketing. I don’t have to serve customers, send orders, keep inventory, etc. I just write…which I love to do…and promote other people’s products for a commission.

The Secret Affiliate Code shows you how one successful Internet Marketer uses a special system to drive traffic to his affiliate sites, ranking number one in Google and raking in a ton of money….as in thousands in one day. Overall I liked the book. I think it would be an awesome read for someone who is just getting into affiliate marketing. But it also had some tricks for veterans to. It gives links to all the major affiliate companies, it explains how you can find high conversion products, and most importantly how to drive lots of traffic your way.

What I appreciate most is that this is not a book that touts some fast, easy way to make money. This system does require time and work…it is not plug and play. Some of it seems kind of tedious even but it is not black hat and it is valuable for those that want traffic and high rankings right away and can’t wait entirely on their awesome content. The book has quite a bit of info about setting up Adwords campaigns with pictures and clear instructions and tips to make sure you aren’t going to go broke paying for traffic. But for the most part this book is all about FREE traffic and links using web 2.0 savvy. It was also full of cool links I had never seen that will be useful in the future.

The price is right to…only $67.00…but special hint…go to the page and then click away to leave the page and a box will pop up telling you can get it for $20 off…so only $47. Enjoy!

Make Friends On Social Media Networks

This is Day 6 of the Become a Better Blogger Challenge. The mission for today is:

Day 6. Start making friends on a social media service like Digg or StumbleUpon. These services are a great place to network, because you’ll be establishing relationships with people who have the potential to send hundreds of visitors to your articles. If you vote up their content, you may be able to call in a favor later on by asking them to vote up posts you’ve written.

This one I do need to work on. I regularly submit my own posts to Stumbleupon and a few other social network sites but I haven’t really worked to gain “friends” there. I have been fortunate that some random people have started following me as friends though. I noticed recently that within a few days of posting about recycling household stuff for the garden that it was Stumbled and reviewed about 8 times. You really can’t underestimate the power of Stumbleupon. Last year one of web pages about using no shampoo on your hair got Stumbled by one gal who had lots of friends (who then reviewed and Stumbled) and my traffic skyrocketed up to an extra 4 to 5 hundred people a day. It stayed that way for a month and then petered out within 2 months. It was an awesome ride.

Mom Masterminds….one of the most awesome mentoring and networking groups ever…has a Blog Boost program where you can ask the other members to visit one of your blog posts and submit it to social networking sites for you. That is a big perk.

So my mission for this week is to start making “friends” on social networking sites…let’s call this mission a mission in progress.

What to Do After You Post To Your Blog

Let’s say that you just blogged. You wrote a great post with lots of valuable information that is sure to be helpful to all your readers…it was well written, it was timely , it incorporated one or more affiliate links that made sense, and it was commlimented with an attractive graphic or picture. In short…your post rocked!

But know what? Do you just sit back and hope that the keyword research you did and the market interest in the topic will help skyrocket your post to the top of search results bringing you lots of traffic and affiliate sales? Well hopefully all of that will happen bstumbleuponut why wait? Start using the web 2.0 phenomanon to bring in immediate traffic and sales: Digg it, Hugg it, Reddit, Stumble It, ect. Submit it to the social bookmarking sites that are relevent to your site and this is easy to do if you have added a social bookmarking plugin to your blog like Sociable or Share This.

Also, find several blog carnivals that are appropriate for the post and submit it to them. This is a great way to get incoming links and new blog readers.

Happy Blogging!

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