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Internet Marketing – A Drawback

Internet Marketing is awesome! I just love being able to make a living online and spend every day with my family. I am not very good at letting other people call the shots so I am glad I can be my own boss. I try to ensure a steady income by mixing it up…my own products, pay per click ads, text link ads, advertising, product reviews, ad networks, affiliate marketing, etc. Having my hands in all those cookie jars makes for a nice monthly income but one of the frustrating parts is that some of it will always be at the mercy of traffic and trends. It is hard to get a firm grasp on what I can make in any given month because it can fluctuate and it is hard to know if my income is really going up or if it is a temporary peak…sometimes ya just don’t know.

My hubs and I have made some big decisions lately. We want to move into the city by early summer and that means finding new digs. Also because of his recent career change we are more reliant on my income. My money has always been “play” money so to speak. For the past few months though I have had to pay bills with it on occasion. When he wasn’t working I paid all the bills for about two months. Housing in this new area will be double what it is where we are now. We plan to rent until we figure out what area of the city we want to live in, ie the Short North, German Village, Dublin, Clintonsville, etc. Hubby is trying to keep me away from Short North, LOL.

Anyway, when budgeting and trying to figure out what we can afford it is hard to pinpoint what I can guaruntee I can make because it can be so sporadic at times. Last month my Sharesale check was double what it usually is….is that going to be a trend from now on or was it just a super good month? I don’t know! My traffic stats in August have been awesome and I will get two big ad network checks but if traffic goes down next month…see what I mean. It is hard to say with any certainty…I can make X amount a month. The not knowing kinda sucks.

Anyone else who does Internet marketing and affiliate marketing ever get discouraged by the lack of hard numbers??

New Version of xSitePro Released

I use xSitePro on a few of my web sites. It makes building small to medium size web sites so super easy I can’t resist. Well xSitePro V2 has been released and it is awesome!

The whole look and feel has changed for the better. it is sleek and modern looking and it has so many awesome features that i think many might scrap their Frontpage and Dreamweaver altogether.

Some really cool new features:

Convert your web site to be able to be viewed on mobile phones and portable devices like a Blackberry in second. As these devices are used more and more for web browsing this will be important.

200 awesome templates that put the old ones to shame.

The ability to customize menu navigation and make it dynamic in seconds.

In depth page analysis of each page with SEO suggestions, keyword density, readability measurements, etc.

RSS Feed wizard

Amazon advertising wizard

Easily add audio and video with wizards

Time release content

Web site clean up tools

A nifty little alarm when the site has finished publishing.

Plus MANY more.

I am having fun getting to know this program all over again. If you already have version one you have less than 30 days to buy the upgrade at a $30 discount! Buy xSitePro V2!