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Info Product Killer Review

I bought Info Product Killer a few months ago and wanted to give it a nice test run before I reviewed it. The sales page is hyping it up for Christmas and it is obviously too late to use it for that but I think it is really an ANY time guide for developing quick and easy, niche affiliate sites.

The creator of this system shows proof on the sales page that he made over $100,000 during the holiday season using the process he describes in detail in Info Product Killer. He claims it only took about 3 weeks to get everything set up and I believe him after making 2 of these sites myself. I regret not making more!

The system consists of dozens of pdf guides and step by step videos on how to create small, super easy niche sites that revolve around physical products. In his videos he shows toy sites quite a bit. He networks them together so they can give each other link juice and he creates some quick but quality content and he waits for the money to roll in. The videos follow him on his computer screen as he sets them up. There is also a lot of info on choosing hot products, how to set up keywords, getting links and traffic, how to do headers, how to use AdWords if you choose to, and where to get content.

So to test it out I decided to start small and create one brand new site and one new section on and existing web site. Both revolved around toys. I started small so that I could see if it worked without too much of a time investment. I guess I was pessimistic. ;)

The first thing I did was add a niche green toys guide to my existing site. I did get creative and use some of my own touches but I think I followed the ideas pretty well. I even used one of the free web site templates that are included with the product. I just edited it to look more like my existing site and then I added the content and products. Unlike many of the sites shown in the product I pretty much stuck with only 2-3 affiliate programs instead of the MANY that are shown in the videos. After finishing the gift guide I linked to it from some of my other sites and Squidoo pages and added a nice banner to the sidebar of all the other pages and I was curious to see how it would go because this section of my site gets only a fraction of the traffic that my blog does. It took about 3 hours to do and I think I got it done by late October. The net income from this set of 4-5 pages thus far is $372.45 from Amazon and Shareasale.

 toy guide screenshot


The next project I completed was even faster…only about 2 hours. I purchased a new domain and I chose to promote Wall-E toys. I used content I had already written…just gave it a refresher, then I linked to it from several of my own sites, made a Wall-E Squidoo page, and added a free reprint article to ezine articles. I made a banner in about 5 minutes and just copied and pasted all the Wall-E products I could find via Amazon. I REALLY doubted I would make anything but hey, I was willing to try. From this site I made $51.22 from Amazon. I paid $7.50 for the domain.

walle screenshot

So did I get rich? No….but I am still pleased. I made roughly $83 an hour for the 5 hours I worked on these sites. And honestly, compared to all the author does to his sites…I did a really half-assed job. I am lazy about details sometimes.

So…I wish I had made a couple dozen more because I think the trick is too have lots of these small niches sites. On their own they may not be making you rich but add them together and you have got some profit. And let’s not forget that these two sites will still be around after Christmas too…so I could be making some residual profits all year long.

Next year around mid August I will FOR SURE be making lots of niche Christmas sites.

I highly recommend Info Product Killer! Oh and I found this discount on code on the net: WSO777. It appears to still be valid and sells the product for only $79!

Raw Kids Recipes

My first solo info product! Check it out.

raw kids recipes

Now is the Time – Join Mom Masterminds!

If I had to write a list of the smartest and most strategic business moves I have made I would have to put joining Mom Masterminds at the top of the list. I have been a member for several years now and that one decision has skyrocketed by business and helped me to meet many new and amazing women Internet Marketers.

Basically Mom Masterminds is a private mentoring and networking forum. You join and you have access to the discussion forum and all of the special resources in the learning center. What can you find in the learning center? Lots of business products you would otherwise have to pay for, audio recordings about every business topic under the sun, and printable workbooks. Topics covered are blogging, affiliate marketing, doing joint ventures, outsourcing, podcasting, setting up a help desk, and so much more. There are even 2 exclusive Mom Masterminds blog themes that members can use and they are pretty darn awesome!

I often download the audio lessons to my iPod and listen to them while on the road or traveling with a pen and paper in hand. I come home with a hundred new ideas all ready to implement. I also try and visit the forum every day to see what is going on. It is a very high traffic forum and people are always asking good questions.

Have you ever been to a business forum where you ask a question and people don’t answer…perhaps because they are trying to keep the knowledge to themselves? I know I have. Well, there is none of that at Mom Masterminds. Everybody comes together and really helps each other…even if they are in competing businesses. Those moms who might otherwise view each other as competition instead join together to work on projects and use the influence of two or more to reach new heights. There is no backstabbing…just generosity and helpfulness.

A membership right now costs $39.97 a month but here is the thing…you only have to pay that for 18 months and then you are a lifetime member and never again have to pay the membership fee…an awesome deal if I do say so myself. I know most members would tell you they would stick around even if they had to pay forever! But here is the thing…that lifetime program is going bye-bye. Starting August 1st the price will drop to $24.97 but there is no opportunity to be a lifetime member.

So if you are serious about making money on the Internet and you are in it for the long term…you should join now and take advantage of this opportunity to get in and work towards your lifetime membership before it is gone. All members who join before August 1st are eligible. Also, after August 1st some of the more premium resources will be retired and they will start removing new additions after only 30 days to make make the membership even more exclusive. Get in now!

Join Mom Masterminds