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New Squidoo Lens

I have added a new Squidoo Lens: Raw Food for Health. This lens is in its most basic form right now. Over the next few days I will start sprucing it up with more images, custom html, and affiliate links.

The thing I love about Squidoo…I have been ignoring my lenses for months buy they I still relay targeted traffic to my other sites and they make money every month. :)

If you Squidoo…stop by my new lens and give me a rating!

Squidoo Tip for Poll Modules

One of the more fun features or modules on Squidoo is the poll module. It allows you to create a poll with a question or a statement and then multiple choices for your visitors to choose from. But did you know you you can hyperlink the poll choices to Amazon products…increasing your chances for affiliate sales?

It is actually very easy to do. Just login to your Amazon affiliate control panel, choose the appropriate tracking ID, and then start creating product links. Copy a text only version of the link and where Squidoo directs you to “Enter your poll response options” you enter your Amazon link instead of plain text.

Here is a picture of the process:


And here is a picture of the poll after the page is published and you get some voters. The best part about this trick is that the full affiliate commission goes to me. I don’t share it 50/50 with Squidoo as I would with many other modules.


 In case you were wondering these two images are from different Squidoo Lenses. Hope this helps you boost your Squidoo profit!

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What is SquidWho?

If you haven’t yet heard SquidWho is an awesome new feature at Squidoo. Basically you enter a name and it searches the Internet far and wide and pulls in graphics and content to fill the modules for you.  It takes information from Wikipedia, Yahoo! news, Flickr, Amazon.com, adds a few polls and voila…a new lens. If you like what they come up with you can claim the lens and it is yours. Of course then you have the opportunity to spice it up a bit with your own ideas and content. You could have a killer lens about just about anyone in minutes. I gave it a test drive and entered Leonardo DiCaprio. This was the resulting page that I ended up claiming. Pretty nifty!

It was pretty addicting so I went ahead and created a page about two others: Al Gore and Rachel Carson. This is an awesome feature!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you make any!